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Office Information

Mission Statement

Our mission is to supply the needed insurance services to our customers, and serve them after the sale.

Serving others is the same as loving others, putting others first ahead of yourself. Jesus stated, “I did not come to be served, but to serve”. To each of our customers, we pledge to serve you first, even before getting new business, before immediate personal gain. In giving, we receive, in helping, we are fulfilled, in loving, we are loved. We get our hands dirty in putting ourselves out for our customers.

We commit to a timely follow up to each request. We have enrolled people on health insurance. Some of it took ten enrollments through the Health Insurance Marketplace. We have followed up on each case of “Termination” of coverage, “Loss of Subsidies”, “On Exchange Inconsistencies”. It takes much time and effort. We are willing to pay the price to serve, and we extend the commitment to each new customer concerning their insurance needs.